Departure to the Netherlands

I've only just gotten over the intestinal flu that I brought with me from the motorcycle trip through Morocco in North Africa, and that's when it starts again. My next trip will take me to the Netherlands, where I will be doing voluntary work at a German military cemetery for the third time this year with the German War Graves Commission. But first I have to make a stopover in Göttingen for a conference.

Göttingen is not quite on the route, but at least I gain some altitude to the north by riding there. On the GARMIN navigation device I selected the setting I used when driving back from Kufstein: "Shortest route" and "Avoid the freeway". The route takes me along small, little-used back roads and I also save myself the busy federal highways. They are often faster, but not shorter.

Through the Wetterau, along the edge of the Spessart and Rhön, I reached the Vogelsberg, then the Werratal and arrived in the Eichsfeld. There I covered my motorcycle with the tarpaulin and will stay here until Sunday. Then it's on to the Ysselstein War Cemetery in the Netherlands.

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