Our bus of the German Army is accompanied by another bus of the British Royal Air Force (RAF)

Netherlands: Visiting Amsterdam

The trips abroad of the voluntary work assignments of the Volksbund War Graves Commission include not only work, but also the occasional exploration of the surrounding area. Four days ago we visited the war museum in the neighboring town of Overloon. Today we drive a little further and visit the metropolis of Amsterdam.

Netherlands: Interactive work orders

This morning there was nothing for me to do at first. I used the opportunity of the morning sun and early fog to take some pictures at the war cemetery. These got even better. Afterwards I went to the information center that belongs to the Ysselsteyn War Cemetery. It was just finished last year and is ultra modern. You can scroll interactively through the history of the Second World War in the Netherlands on large screens. Until then, I had not known that one of the fiercest battles for the liberation of the Netherlands had raged here in the neighboring town of Overloon, where the war museum is located.

Halftime in Ysselsteyn

Although it had rained heavily all night, a blue sky was visible through the morning fog. The opportunity was good and so I used the time between breakfast and the start of work to take some photos at the military cemetery. Morning sun shining through the fog always works well.